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Technology Description


Tellmate is a wearable computer vision device in form of glasses which will process in- front images of Visually Impaired Person, will convert it to sound and whisper in the ear using hearing aids.

TELLMATE will give sound output of real-time off-screen printed text. Visually Impaired will be able To walk around unfamiliar places; To avoid obstacles; To read newspaper, hoardings or any text in real-time and and FOCUS To get a much needed independence.

According to World Health Organization 285 million people are Visually Impaired worldwide and 20% i.e. 57m are Indians. USA have 8 million VIP and 1.5 m people among them are employed. India is a developing country where jobs are increasing. About 0.5m VIP are employed and this number will increase by time. Tellmate will increase employability by giving self-confidence and security.

For reading anything a blind person uses Braille Books or take help from someone else, but what if he doesn't get help? A blind person face's problem in navigating with obstacles like pit-holes, static vehicles, etc. To make them independent we are working for TELLMATE.

Tellmate can process any printed paper in English (font-size above 10 and visible to camera), convert it to give digital text and speak it using text to speech synthesis. It can read printed text from Books, Newspaper, Magazine etc. with proper orientation of pages. We are testing our prototype with Blind People Association, Ahmedabad, India where more than 600 Blind Students as well as employees live. We are also working with employed Visually Impaired People for testing precision and accuracy of the device. Currently we are in R&D stage and we will start selling our product by 2017 start.


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