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Technology Description


CliniOps is a Mobile, Cloud-based, Digital Solutions company, for the clinical trial industry. CliniOps leverages Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud technology to transform the clinical trial industry, with its comprehensive solutions in eSourcing, Monitoring & Patient Engagement. The founding team recognizes that trials with global sites face several data challenges (data collection, data quality & data security), and benefits of low cost ‘point-of-care' diagnostics to bring efficiency in the process, and has designed the product to work effectively in such conditions.

CliniOps is disrupting the clinical trial (CT) industry by redefining CT data collection & management. Benefits of technology have only recently started filtering into this industry. Existing technological solutions are fragmented resulting in many gaps & unmet needs in the industry. CliniOps's innovative use of cutting-edge technology that leverages Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC) drastically transforms the way CTs are conducted reducing the time & cost of collecting data while simultaneously improving its quality.

CliniOps envisions a holistic, digitalized & automated solution for CTs that will seamlessly capture subject data electronically at source & provide a globally accredited Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) compliant dataset. CliniOps's user-friendly interface ensures end-user acceptance whereas their product's integrated & extremely streamlined workflow eliminates multiple data collection points & saves time & money by drastically curbing duplication & redundant efforts. Integration of medical devices with the data collection tablets ensures that data from those devices are automatically uploaded into the software. Provision of biometric identification ensures accurate patient identification, a crucial addition when medical records' identification is not stringent, or participants are illiterate. Obtaining & maintaining consent documentation via digital signature is far superior to the existing paper & filing cabinet based methods. Thus, CliniOps is continually incorporating innovations that improve workflow & data quality in CTs.

The CliniOps technology brings out the potential 30-60% savings in clinical trial through eSource, bio-metrics implementation & video based informed consent, real-time analytics and integration with point of care diagnostics.


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