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Gulab jamun mix powder is formulated from skim milk powder , vanaspati (ghee optional), maida semolina, baking powder and ground cardamon. Two different formulae have been developed separately for spray and roller dried skimmed milk. Essential equipment needed are ghee melter , dry blender weighing machine and a packaging unit. The product can be marketed in a metalized polyester pouches

Composition of gulabjamun mix contains 6.07% moisture, 18.5% fat, 17.62% protein,4.65%ash and 53.18 person carbohydrates includes lactose and starch. The cost of gulabjamun mix powder formulated from roller dried skim milk is estimated to be Rs.36/kg whereas for spray based mix formulation slightly higher (Rs 38/kg). The current retail prices for other market brands of the mix vary between Rs. 60 to 80 per kg.

Gulabjamun mix powder packaged in metalized polyester laminate without preservatives remains fit for up to 8 months at 300 C.

Plant Parameters

Capacity, KL/Year : 3 T/ day
No. of shifts / day : 3
Working days/Year : 300
Land Required, m2 : 400
Covered Area, m2 : 200


Managerial : 2
Skilled : 5
Unskilled : 12

Raw Material

S.Milk powder : 410kg/T
Maida / sugi : 391 kg/T
Dalda : 176 kg/T
Leavening agents : 23 kg/T


Plant & Machinery : Rs.10 lakh

Advantages of Indian technologies:

  • Low capital investment
  • High employment potential
  • Maximum use of local raw materials and manpower resources
  • Adaptable levels of sophistication


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