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Industrial Policy (2004 - 2015)

The state cabinet accorded approval to its path breaking Industrial Policy 2004. With a view to give stability to the policy, it was decided that the Industrial Policy 2004 shall remain valid until March 31, 2015 when it will be reviewed. The cabinet emphasized on the need to promote local employment in industrial units of the state. If specific skills are not available in the state, special training will be organized to train local youth in such skills. Ensuring maximum local employment in industrial units will form a condition of approval for any new industrial units. The cabinet also laid great stress on ensuring that the incentives and subsidies reached the genuine industrialists without much loss of time.


Information Technology Policy

IT Policy for the State In J&K, IT is still a sunrise industry. With the right interventions at the State level, IT has the potential to grow very quickly to become a major player in the growth of the State economy and contribute to better transparent and effective governance besides generating employment particularly amongst the educated unemployed in the State.


J&K State Hydroelectric Projects Development Policy 2011


Hydropower is one of the State's key resources and J&K intends to accelerate harnessing this potential as an integral part of its economic  development. The development of hydro potential in the State is expected to usher in huge economic 5enefits in the form of infrastructure development, industrialization and employment generation. With increase in hydropower generation & improvement in efficiencies in transmission and distribution of electricity, MK aims not only to provide energy at affordable cost for eco-friendly industrial development but also turn into a net energy exporter.



Web Policy 2012

Government of Jammu & Kashmir realizes the importance of World Wide Web Services and its capabilities to provide information to the citizens across the world and to reduce the gap between the Government & Citizens. Public domain information needs to be published on the web, with objective of “Fast & Easy Availability of information & Services Technically (FEAST)". The entire effort of developing and hosting websites of different Departments, Boards & Corporations needs to streamlined and integrated. To achieve this, it is important to have common guidelines and policy for the Website Development, Hosting and Maintenance for various State Government departments, Boards and Corporations.